Kamis, 18 Juni 2009

Welcome to penaOS

penaOS is a linux distribution that aims to help people to write scientific articles. Basically it integrates openoffice with zotero, a plug-in of the browser Mozilla Firefox. Zotero is a plug-in to manage the reference you have, just like endnote or refman. PenaOS is built on the stable Ubuntu 8.04 LTS. The old version of Ubuntu is used because we prefer stability in building the base of penaOS. PenaOS also has the complete set of multimedia codec, so you will be able to play most of the multimedia type with penaOS. Why is this important? Because making scientific paper is not only a matter of scientific ability, but also about mood.
Enjoy penaOS, we plan to release the first beta version of penaOS on July 3rd 2009...

update :
penaOS 0.7 was released on July 18th 2009
download it here and the MD5 here