Sabtu, 22 Mei 2010

PenaOS 1.0b on the way!!!

After a long vacant, i'm starting to work on the next version of penaOS. the new Lucid Lynx give me an excellent oportunity to work on a better penaOS. wish me luck friends, hopefully at the end of July you will be able to use penaOS 1.0 (beta, at least...)

Selasa, 20 Oktober 2009

Wifi in penaOS

A few days ago i got emails from Denny Knafler about the wifi support in penaOS. Well, penaOS is basically an Ubuntu Hardy Heron, and it suport many wireles chipset. but for atheros, sometimes you need to instal the hardy bacport modules. that's what i did, and i'm going to put it in th next release of penaOS , probably 0.8.1. The penaOS 0.9 is not ready yet.
if you want to install it yourself, here's the steps:

1. Disable the atheros driver in system-administration-hardware drivers .. disable the HAL and Driver (both of them)

2. Instal the backport modules, in terminal, type :

sudo apt-get install linux-backports-modules-hardy -y

then probably you have to restart...

good luck guys...

Selasa, 22 September 2009

The progress of the next version of penaOS

it's been a while since the last edition of penaOS. and i'm so busy with my life, so i have to prioritize my activities. but meanwhile, i'm still working on penaOS 0.9.
What's in it?
well i put RKWard in penaOS 0.9. RKWard is a frontend of R , one of the most powerful statistic software these days. It's not too far from the functionality of SPSS. but because of my commitment of making penaOS only in the size of 1 CD, i have to throw away skype to give space to RKWard.
and now i still struggle to make it , because the size of the latest ISO file is still 701MB, still 1MB to rip off...:D
ok, stay tune with penaOS, all feedbacks are welcome...:)

Senin, 17 Agustus 2009

Finally, penaOS 0.8 released !!!

At last, i'm able to annouce that the next generation of penaOS is release, penaOS version 0.8.
Why would i call it a new generation?
started from this version, penaOS contains no more Microsoft logos (thanx to Jonathan from linuxfreedom for the advice) . Still, i retain the familiar look of windows XP, with the hope people who use penaOS will not be hesitated to try.. it's the same look, you see?
In this version, i added two powerful software :
  • Skype, to enable the user to communicate all over the world wiht everybody
  • Wine, well we know that MS Windows is still the king in the jungle of software, most of the people use it. So sometimes there are software that can only be run under Windows. That's where Wine comes in. with Wine, you can use Windows-base software under linux (well, not all of it, but most of them:) )
you can download penaOS at linuxfreedom
mirror :

Selasa, 11 Agustus 2009

penaOS 0.7.1 released

A bit tweaking on penaOS, penaOS 0.7.1 is released . you can find it in The main new feature of this version is the addition of dropbox and gnochm .
dropbox is added because i found it very useful to carry files around :) try it, you'll love it
gnochm is also added because many ebooks are available in chm format.

the appearance is stillthe same. wait for the 0.8 version tofind the new penaOS. no microsoft logo anymore :)


download penaOS 0.7.1 here

Sabtu, 18 Juli 2009

penaOS 0.7 released!!!!

download penaOS 0.7

After a long waiting, almost a year i think, the first version of penaOS released. The first released version is penaOS 0.7.
In this release, penaOS based on Ubuntu 8.04.3 Hardy Heron include the following software :
  • GNOME Desktop Environment
  • OpenOffice 2.4
  • Firefox ( with plugins zotero, downthemall and fireFTP, along with bookmarks of medical journals)
  • Balsa (an email software, integrated with GNOME)
  • GIMP (image editing software)
  • Gyachi (a yahoo mail client)
  • Wireless driver manager (for managing windows wireless driver in penaOS)
  • All the multimedia codecs from Medibuntu (so you can play many kind of multimedia files and media while making your papers :) )
screenshot :

The desktop of penaOS

Installing penaOS

you can download penaOS 0.7 here

(thanks to LinuxFreedom for hosting the files)

Kamis, 18 Juni 2009

Welcome to penaOS

penaOS is a linux distribution that aims to help people to write scientific articles. Basically it integrates openoffice with zotero, a plug-in of the browser Mozilla Firefox. Zotero is a plug-in to manage the reference you have, just like endnote or refman. PenaOS is built on the stable Ubuntu 8.04 LTS. The old version of Ubuntu is used because we prefer stability in building the base of penaOS. PenaOS also has the complete set of multimedia codec, so you will be able to play most of the multimedia type with penaOS. Why is this important? Because making scientific paper is not only a matter of scientific ability, but also about mood.
Enjoy penaOS, we plan to release the first beta version of penaOS on July 3rd 2009...

update :
penaOS 0.7 was released on July 18th 2009
download it here and the MD5 here