Selasa, 11 Agustus 2009

penaOS 0.7.1 released

A bit tweaking on penaOS, penaOS 0.7.1 is released . you can find it in The main new feature of this version is the addition of dropbox and gnochm .
dropbox is added because i found it very useful to carry files around :) try it, you'll love it
gnochm is also added because many ebooks are available in chm format.

the appearance is stillthe same. wait for the 0.8 version tofind the new penaOS. no microsoft logo anymore :)


download penaOS 0.7.1 here

3 komentar:

  1. Does this have Sun's jre 1.6 update 14 or higher? I would also like to know WHY ya chose an XP theme? Is it cus ya like how XP looks?


  2. @demon: no, i rip all the Sun's JRE from this distribution... i need the space for many things else. I intended penaOS' size no more than 1 CD, so it's not going to be bigger than 700MB in size.
    honestly, i HATE the XP look... but most of the people now still use windows, and many of them are scared to try linux because they thought the interface is not familiar. so i think if i give them a familiar look, they won't hesitate to try penaOS.

  3. In all honesty Pena, there are quite a few distros out there that are XP look a likes and people still hesitate to use it.

    I have numerous LiveCD's here that are under 700mb that have Sun's JRE and Adobe flash installed in the OS. Along with all w32codecs.

    If ya want windoze users to use this, ya have to give them what they need "out of the box".

    They don't know enough to know what things they need to get their music, movies and everything else they play with to work right, so they get frustrated and go back to windoze.

    What we need is an OS that "appeals" to them AND open their eyes to the possibilty of using linux and to get away from the crap that m$ shoves down their throats.

    Just my thoughts,