Senin, 17 Agustus 2009

Finally, penaOS 0.8 released !!!

At last, i'm able to annouce that the next generation of penaOS is release, penaOS version 0.8.
Why would i call it a new generation?
started from this version, penaOS contains no more Microsoft logos (thanx to Jonathan from linuxfreedom for the advice) . Still, i retain the familiar look of windows XP, with the hope people who use penaOS will not be hesitated to try.. it's the same look, you see?
In this version, i added two powerful software :
  • Skype, to enable the user to communicate all over the world wiht everybody
  • Wine, well we know that MS Windows is still the king in the jungle of software, most of the people use it. So sometimes there are software that can only be run under Windows. That's where Wine comes in. with Wine, you can use Windows-base software under linux (well, not all of it, but most of them:) )
you can download penaOS at linuxfreedom
mirror :

6 komentar:

  1. the link for download is only for 0.71 release ???

  2. Yea, the download link still points to 0.7.1.

  3. i'm really sorry, you can try

  4. nice.. teruskan! kalau bisa ver 1.0 nanti mirips seven :p

  5. @gadgetboi: it's not necessary... seven yang niru KDE 4, tinggal pasang KDE aja hehehehehe... dan kebetulan saya ngga terlalu suka KDE, too bloated... love the simplicity of GNOME...:D