Selasa, 22 September 2009

The progress of the next version of penaOS

it's been a while since the last edition of penaOS. and i'm so busy with my life, so i have to prioritize my activities. but meanwhile, i'm still working on penaOS 0.9.
What's in it?
well i put RKWard in penaOS 0.9. RKWard is a frontend of R , one of the most powerful statistic software these days. It's not too far from the functionality of SPSS. but because of my commitment of making penaOS only in the size of 1 CD, i have to throw away skype to give space to RKWard.
and now i still struggle to make it , because the size of the latest ISO file is still 701MB, still 1MB to rip off...:D
ok, stay tune with penaOS, all feedbacks are welcome...:)